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Moody Media Lab

The Moody Media Lab

I count it as no coincidence that the Moody Bible Institute has some of the most remarkably gifted media artists I have ever met. Crazy talented.


New YouTube Channel

I’ve started a new video channel to feature more content. Please subscribe!


Relevant: The New Profanity

I am honored that Relevant Magazine would publish an article of mine titled What Not to Say When Your Friends Are Hurting.

Most Eligible Part 2

The Most Eligible Christian, Part 2

What follows is a continuation of The Most Eligible Christian Bachelor. Part extension, part supplement, and partly because I didn’t want to make the original article any longer.

Chicago Series

Chicago Loves


Polar Vortex “ChiBeria” Chicago


Relevant: How to Go on an Actual Date

I am honored that Relevant Magazine would publish an article of mine titled How to go on an Actual Date. 


Bringing Chivalry Back

What follows was inspired by countless students and peers and is in many ways an aside to The Most Eligible Christian Bachelor. I recommend you read that article as the context is important…


Political Views: Change the Wind

“The great practitioners of social change – like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi – understood something very important. They knew that you don’t change a society by merely replacing one politician with another. You change a society by changing the political wind.